I’m Lisa – Scientist, Advocate, Marketing Strategist

I’m a diverse individual who thinks and exists ‘outside the box’, and I welcome the extraordinary in others as well! I combine my unique approach with a positive can-do attitude to reliably bring projects to completion and help the company move forward.

As a marketing professional, I enjoy the opportunity to learn more about people – their needs, challenges and interests. By understanding people, I’m able to more efficiently target relevant messages to those most likely to be interested. Whether through inbound marketing, demand generation efforts, or email marketing. I also love the systemization, automation, data collection and analysis in order to take action oriented steps and adapt marketing strategy as needed.

I thrive in a small to mid-sized company where I’m able to dig in to new challenges and wear many hats. I love to learn and am able to quickly learn any new task, responsibility, technique, or technology. I’m also able to virtually lead 18+ employees and/or volunteers. I’m able to prioritize between top competing responsibilities and tasks, to ensure both the team and company move successfully forward.

As a leader, I instinctively advocate for and mentor others. I work to lead by example, remain approachable, offer acknowledgement of success while offering constructive feedback to help individual team members achieve success.

As a life scientist with a growth mindset, I have effectively developed and managed 6+ projects, as well as building global collaborations demonstrated by 10+ publications, and 15+ oral presentations to scientific experts and general audiences.

“Life is too short for negativity. Leave what weighs you down behind, and look to the now.”

– Lisa A. Boughner, PhD